“The inner attitudes of our minds can change the outer aspects of our lives”

What makes you feel beautiful? How do you evaluate your beauty?

The narrow definition of what it means to be beautiful can affect the attitudes and beliefs we have about ourselves. Feeling a sense of not measuring up or not being good enough will impact all aspects of your life: The relationships you have with others and the relationship you have with yourself. No one can change that but you.

This month the challenge is to widen the definition of what it means to be beautiful and find the beauty that you possess.

Mary Desaulniers is a fifty year old woman who struggled with her weight and body image all her life. After the death of her husband everything changed. She found herself re evaluating what really matters and the attitude she had towards herself:

“Life, I decided was too short for weights and measures. I would run and I would eat. I would take pleasure in both. I would neither deny my body nor starve my soul. I was going to love my body in whatever shape it took. My body was here to serve a higher purpose, my soul’s purpose, and my soul was not here to be shaped or stuffed into a standard mold.”

Don’t spend another second of your precious life yearning for a body you don’t have. Every day is a chance to celebrate the abundance you do have.

Don’t let a magazine cover influence how you feel when you look in the mirror. You know who you are – you are better than that.
Set your own standards – That’s empowering!

The glory of your potential does not begin and end with the number on the scale. Today can be a day of liberation. The day you decide to make each moment a moment of joy, acceptance and strength; Making exercise an experience that brings you inner fortitude as well as physical wellness.

And food: the fuel that drives your dreams.

The struggle is over. There is on fight because you already won.

You made it. You are here. You are strong.
You are beautiful.

“If we live with caring, lightheartedness, and love this moment will have been worthwhile.”