Time is fleeting. Days, months, years go by so quickly. There is no time to wait for tomorrow or the day after that to live the life of our dreams. What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? The time is now. The moment has arrived.

The goal for us – each and every day should be to keep growing out of ourselves, evolving to our best possible lives. Your life’s purpose is to live each experience to your highest potential.

With every encounter and every situation ask yourself – does this elevate me to my greatest self? If not, walk away. You deserve better than that. Time is fleeting. Life is too short. Discover the joy of your greatness in all that you do.
Find joy in the warmth of each sunrise or a simple act of kindness and pass that on to others.

Never give up on your dreams. Believe in what you can achieve and follow wherever your wildest dreams take you. It is possible.
Think about someone you admire. Someone who you want to be like.
The only difference between you and that person are the choices you make each day.

This moment will impact the next. What do choose to do or not do in this moment will determine the picture of your life.

If you choose to live with negative emotions
that will be your life.
If you choose to ignore your health and not do all you can to be fit and strong
that will be your life.
If you choose to live with less than all you are
That will be your life.

Today can be a day of change. Today can be the day you rise up and say,
I will not give up on myself.

Today can be the day you decide to follow the sound of your own voice.
Setting your standards and doing what is important to you.

Change is possible – You deserve to be your BEST.

Never give up on that.

Grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

-Serenity prayer