Freedom Now: Body, Mind, Soul

freedomYou can do this.

You are ready –NOW!

Decide: This will be a life changing day.

This day is about being honest with yourself and finding acceptance – mind body and spirit.

This not always an easy proposition in a world that is in a perpetual state of self-deprecation.

You become not what you want: You become what you believe.

The truth is many of us are in abusive relationships with ourselves.

We are at war with our bodies, and our spirits.

Criticizing ourselves every time we gain a few pounds, jeopardizing our health with diet

after diet and sacrificing our emotionally wellness with a sense of defeat.

Does this sound like you?

Your work is to uncover what you are really hungry for.

Consider that never feeling “good enough” requires a spiritual overhaul! Wake up to your life.

You are called to live into your highest intention and you make the higher call

moment, by moment, by moment.

The “makeover” needs to begin within. Its about creating a life that inspires you to be better,

and to be more, every day.

Learning that your value lies in the kindness in your heart, the strength in your convictions, the power in your soul.

Liberate yourself from and meaning with a number on the scale.

When you are stuck with a message that says you are not quite right; not tall enough, not thin enough, not pretty not smart not rich enough – how do you……

Rise above the lies and find our own truth?

YOU DECIDE. All change starts with a decision and that decision starts with you.

Today, decide to see yourself differently:

Beautiful. Strong. Worthy. Valuable. A Miracle.

Today, see the gifts that surround you, the people you love and find gratitude for every heart beat and every breath.

Today, rise above mediocrity and become your greatest self.


1. Meditation: Create a sacred space in your home where you can be still and quiet.
Start with 2 minutes in the morning. Simply sit and breathe. Start to cultivate a meditation practice.

2. Affirmations: Every day surround yourself by words and thoughts that lift you up.
Write them on sticky notes and post them on your mirror, in your car, on your computer screen.
Surround yourself with affirmations that fill your spirit.

3. Community: Do the people in your life support you? Light you up?
You want friends who will extend out a hand when you fall and walk this journey with you
It might be time for some new friends in your life! Find a book club, a dance class, or a yoga studio – whatever activities you love to do. Meet people who are on the same page as you.

4. Feed your Soul: See food as a blessing. A sacred gift that nourishes your body and soul. Choose wisely. Eat slowly. Be present and taste each and every bite.

5. Gratitude: Start a Gratitude Journal. Every day list 5 things you are grateful for.
You will soon discover a blessing even for challenges that arise.
It is in challenges that your power is born.

6. Service: Get out of your own way and be of service to others. Volunteer your time or take on a walk or run for a charity that is important to you. Be of service to the world and find your purpose on the planet

You can do this.

Decide to create positive change in your life

Commit to the effort it will take to create that change

Follow through on your decision and commitment every day

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