Life Coaching

coachingDo you have unfulfilled goals in our life?

What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

Do you feel stuck or unclear about bridging where you are with where you want to be?

Pino’s coaching process is practical and action-driven! The result is a transformation and freedom in your life like you have never experienced before. It is simple. You will learn to use your existing talents and skills and focusing them, fine-tune them, so that you can achieve more than you have before. Pino’s Life Coaching will help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Each client receives one 20 minute to half hour complimentary session with Pino. If you choose to move forward, you will set up appointments with Pino at the intervals which make most sense to you.  During your first session together you will get clear on your goals and co-created action steps to get you where you want to be.

“I am honoured to work with people as they courageously navigate their own personal change and growth.”
– Pino Rizzi

Do you want to join a breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul. A daily combination of asana practice, meditation, diet, and personal reflection will cultivate a solid foundation from which students can live and grow. Contact Pino for more details!
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