Inspiration of the Month

Trust Each Step

Taken from Journey to the Heart (Melody Beattie)

Stay present for each step of your journey.

We don’t go from one place to another in a gigantic leap.

We get there in increments, by going through each feeling, each belief,

each experience one step at a time.


Sometimes when we pray for miracles, what we’re really praying for

is help in skipping steps, for shortcuts.

The simple act of acceptance, of returning to each step of our path,

can often bring us the miracle we need.

Then we see the truth. The real miracle is one always available to each of us:

 it’s the miracle of acceptance.

We can go where we want to go, one step at a time.

Stay present for each step of your journey.

Trust each stage.

Many things are possible for you if you accept that the fastest way is

 one step at a time.

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