Pilates Move of the Month

HOW – Teaser is a core exercise, you can add other elements to create an overall body blast. From lying supine (facing up) with straight legs and arms bring your body to a High V. There are many ways to adapt this for your needs. Just a few of these and you will feel Fired Up!

WHY – Teaser is a classic pilates move that powers up your core muscles (rectus abdominins, obliques, transversus abdominis) low back (erector spinae) and legs (quadriceps).  Add this to the pilates reformer or use a set of free weights and you get an overall challenge that powers your arms as well. This is a great exercise to awaken deep core muscles and feel strong through your mid-section.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS – This move is referred to as Functional Exercise. It allows you to build a stable core to avoid injury, improve overall posture, and create a long, strong body. There is also a lot of mobility in your spine. With this sequence so you get a balance of strength and flexibility.

1: Start slow – there is no race to get the full exercise!
2: Use your hands to help yourself up and down if you need some support.
3: Keep your knees bent if your low back is strained.
4: Keep the movement small and work towards something bigger with time.
5: Work towards finding a Hover position. Until then – you can lie right down to get a full release.

GET CONNECTED – It is very important that you feel this in your core. Pull your belly button IN and your low abs IN and UP. This action is challenging to connect with so practice and it will come.


– Lie on your back
– Lift your chest and shoulders (like a crunch)
– Straighten your legs and extend them so you are hovering off the floor
– Bring your arm to the side like the letter T
– Breathe IN

– Breathe OUT
– As your sweep your arms forward and
– Bring your body right up to shape the letter V
– Lengthen your spine at the top and HOLD for one full breath
– Slowly lower to your HOVER position
– Repeat 10x
– Number of Sets 1



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