Strength Training

What is Strength training?

powerStrength training is a very valuable part of your workout routine. It is important for men and women. Whatever your goals are, strength training must be implemented to help get you there. When it comes to strength training form and technique are critical to produce all of the benefits and none of the injuries. When designing your own workout think of 3 important elements when it comes to working with weights:

    • Your ability to move resistance. This can be demonstrated as you push something away from you, pull something toward you, or lift something up.
  2. POWER:
    • This is defined by your ability move resistance quickly
    • Your ability to perform the exercises over an extended period of time.

Attaining your “Greatest Self” will require all of these elements:

  • Strength Power, Endurance.

I believe a healthy body leads to a health mind which leads to a healthy spirit. So as you discover a stronger body, you will discover a deeper fortitude as well.

You can do it!


Congratulations. You have made the most important decision of you life. As you head into this I am going to ask you to stay consistent, determined and focused. You must approach this like it matters…because it does.


As you work with weights whether they be free weight or machines, you may experience some minor discomfort 24 to 48 hours after your workout. This is okay, as a matter of fact, some minor discomfort is a sign that you are working hard enough. You never want the workouts to get too easy – it is a WORK out after all.

On the other hand you should never experience any discomfort in your joints or any sharp pains during or after any workout. Although strength training does require physical exertion you should feel a higher amount of energy and an elated feeling afterwards. After a good workout you should always feel better, not worse. If this is not the case look at the Frequency: you may need a day off, Intensity: you may be working too hard, Time: perhaps your workouts are too long? Type: are the exercises too challenging?
Also look at your food intake prior to, and after your workout. A balance of complex carbohydrates and protein is always a good idea.

Your body will go through changes as you build more lean muscle mass. Depending on the amount of weight you use and the number of repetitions, your body will respond accordingly.

If the weights that you are using only allow you to execute about 8 repetitions to fatigue then your body will be getting stronger with more definition and building more mass.

If you are able to execute about 10- 12 repetitions then your body will get defined and stronger without building mass.

Always do 2 – 3 sets of each exercise.

Once you have a series of exercises in place and the plan is set into motion, monitor your progress and be sure to switch things up within 4 – 6 weeks. Always recruit as many muscle groups as possible in every workout. Exercises like chin ups, pushups should be a part of every workout because they demand many muscle groups to work together allowing you to build more lean muscle and balance your entire body with strength.

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